Too Busy Right Now

I've been very quiet here for a while. I've only been capable of infrequent posts which are generally just links, so I thought I'd drop out a 'hello' to my neighbours and let them know what's going on.

House Change
I'm moving house. That's going to suck up a bit of time. I'll post up some photos when I have the time. It's a really nice gaff, 4 bedrooms with an office, living room, giant kitchen, utility room. This means that we'll have 2 spare guest rooms which is pretty cool. If I can find the cash, I might split my studio out of the office and move it into one of the spare rooms.

Extremely hectic. In theory, by the end of next week we need to finish off websites for,,, and we really should have a lot of work done on

So yeah, a little hectic there.

I really really want to get a Net EP following on from a performance I had a couple of weeks back. I like the piece that I worked on for that and think it needs more to get it ready for release. Time is pressing.

I'm mixing and mastering an album for Love Rhino as well, so that's pressing on me now as well!

Finally, I'm meant to be getting a lot of work done on The Masterpiece – a short animation that I'm doing sound effects and score for..

Actually, now I'm just feeling a little more stressed than I did a minute ago. Perhaps writing this wasn't such a good idea. Oh well.

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