Word Press 2.5 not ready yet

Whilst it feels a little strange blogging about Word Press on one of Six Apart's blogging tools (especially given Anil Dash's reasonably nasty competitive post about Word Press), I don't feel disinclined to mention it.

I love Word Press. I've been using it heavily for all manner of projects over the past few years for all manner of clients of ours over at Pixelapes Web Design. It's been an excellent learning experience and I've found out how to bend Word Press to all sorts of applications.

Apparently Word Press 2.5 was due out yesterday, with a large amount of the update being focussed on a complete redesign of the admin area. Unfortunately the tentative date hasn't come through so I'm left waiting a little longer. I'm hopeful it will be soon as I'm really quite excited about this update and think it will make a big difference to my usage of Word Press.

Roll on Word Press!  

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