What about an export?

So I’m thinking about moving my personal blog to my own domain, alex.leonard.ie, for no major reason but it feels like it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve had a few people mention the fact that they have to join vox to comment here, and I don’t want to think that I’m excluding anyone 😉

Also, I have that domain name sitting there idle and it feels like a waste.

So I went looking for a method of exporting my blog posts from Vox and lo and behold one doesn’t exist. It’s a bit of a shame – I didn’t realise my posts would be locked in here, so I’m faced with two options.

  1. Wait until the Vox team create an export function.
  2. Go through every post on this blog manually, copying and pasting it over to my own domain.

Neither option is ideal really, as I don’t know when option 1 might happen, and option 2, well, copying and pasting over 200 blog posts might take a while..

Any suggestions anyone? I’d be planning on keeping this vox account so that I can comment on my neighbours vox’s, but other than that I think I’d be doing everything else over on my own domain, and would love to see some people from vox drop a comment in on occasion!