The plan

What’s the glorious plan then? I have a few options for how I’m going to approach this.

  1. This becomes just a general place for posting ramblings, interesting links, etc
  2. This becomes a blog and a photoblog.
  3. This becomes just a photoblog.

One way or another I’m definitely feeling quite good about working off my own domain name over using one of the other blogging platforms out there. I was using Vox for quite a long time, posting over 200 posts since November 10th 2006 after I got bored posting to blogspot. Blogspot was an aborted attempt at writing about interesting music related topics. I quickly realised that it’s a lot of work, and you really need to have a schedule for posting and writing reviews of albums is not something to be laughed at.

I think working off a personal blog will be much more suited to me. I think judging from my attempt to run a music blog (an utter failure), I should take that as a good sign that option 3 above is a bad idea. It’s something I’d like to do, but it’s all too likely to fall into disuse as I find myself lacking time to update it regularly.

Overall I think option 2 above is the most likely result. However the nice thing is that I can do so much more, thanks to my preferred platform of choice – WordPress. If I feel like writing music reviews, well, I can just create a “Reviews” category and give it its own space on the blog. I think it’s much more likely that I’ll post the occassional music review here, instead of feeling pressured into writing a new review every week as was the case with blogspot. Also I must say that both the templating system and the backend of blogspot are a bit of a nightmare. I don’t recommend it as a blogging platform.

Right, well that’s enough of that. It’s already 9.40 and I have some work to do. Keep an eye on here 🙂

PS. I have temporarily just grabbed a WordPress theme from Barley Hut, which is quite nice, but I’ll probably end up working on my own theme as a bit of a personal project.