Photo Galleries!

Well I’ve just quickly added in (with little configuration) a photo gallery. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to work it in the future, but one way or another it’s always going to link to my picasa web albums account.

You can check them out in this site over on the photos page, and it’s all thanks to the workings of an excellent little WordPress plugin called “kPicasa Gallery“.

Guillaume H├ębert has created a very smart little plugin which makes putting a gallery on your site really really simple. At some point I’ll probably rejig the configuration a little bit, but with nice lightbox implementation, it’s a definite keeper. Here’s hoping he develops the plugin more and more.

I’d love to see album selection (or exclusion options), support for multiple Picasa Accounts, private album selection (might not be so simple without some for of authentication), as well as templating options and turning on/off in-built style.

There’s some hint of coming updates and changes over on Guillaume’s blog, and it sounds like it’s going to mature very nicely indeed. I’ve volunteered my services for helping get kPicasa out of tables!