WordPress 2.5 Gallery Templating

WordPress 2.5 comes now with a Gallery feature built right into the system. Huzzah!

This means that in the back end you can upload 10, 20, 30 pictures etc, and then choose to insert them as a “Gallery”. WordPress will take care of the rest, with default basic styling of your thumbnail lists, and then each picture links off to its own page which contains that picture.

A lot of themes won’t have taken advantage of the new template structure for this – which involves a new “image.php” template file. If your theme doesn’t have this file then your gallery images will just default to the standard single.php (or perhaps index.php). There’s little documentation regarding this template file usage at the moment, so I’m going to have to play around with it a bit more to suss it out. However this does mean that you could have comments on each photo, you can have your photo description and caption included as text for the image, and you can include next and previous images as well.

There’s a post outlining some of the basic functions of the new template option over at Laura Fisher’s blog, and there’s a little bit of information about the gallery shortcodes in the WordPress codex.

Gallery Test

So here’s a gallery, just thrown in here to see what happens. I’m not going to even bother to check whether I have the image.php template file that would be required, but whenever I get round to actually coding a theme for this site, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of it. Random photos ahoy!