Another Thursday means PHP

I’m currently learning the joys of programming in PHP thanks to a friend of mine, Ian Huet who runs Kestrel ID, a web development business. He suggested that he teach as a means of refreshing his own understanding and also going through the new areas that exist as part of PHP5 with the aim of him doing the certification exam later this year. The theory is that I might also be able to sit the exam at that time – but I’ve got a long long way to go.

We’ve been doing a 3 hour session every Thursday night for the last few weeks and this week we’re meant to be delving into arrays. Last week was functions, and I instantly found myself in a situation where I was able to apply my new knowledge (with quite a bit of help from the aforementioned Milorad Ivovic) to a little coding issue on a new WordPress based website we’re working on.

This is the most focussed I’ve been on the learning front since I trained myself in (X)HTML and CSS. However, with PHP there are actual exams that I can sit, unlike HTML and CSS, for which there aren’t really any standard recognised body qualifications available (as far as I know – please correct me if I’m wrong). It’s great to have someone like Ian to guide me through it all, patiently listening to my questions 🙂

So now I’ll be forging on with a proper goal in mind, the attaining of PHP certification, and the promise of faster development time on our websites.