Being fellated by a groupie

Last night I watched an episode of “The Day Today”, Chris Morris’ excellent news show piss-take. I think my favourite bit was Steve Coogan’s part in the “Attitudes Night” preview.

Sixties presenter: (sitting in a studio with a Twiggy-esque girl leaning over his groin.)

These days it’s very fashionable among young people to do what I’m doing now. I’m being fellated by a young girl known as a groupie. It’s an interesting feeling, and certainly quite relaxing.

(Fade out… and back in)

Presenter: Well, it’s half an hour later. My initial reaction was one of intense joy, but that’s now been replaced by a feeling of indequacy and gloom. It’s not an experience I can see catching on. But neither is it one which I regret.

Watch the full clip here – Steve Coogan appears at about 53 seconds in, as part of the 8.30 slot for “The Scrutineer”.