Oh the horror

Busy. Head melting. Had to drop in here and take a moment out. Desperately trying to complete work on about 3 or 4 websites at the moment (as well as having just taken on project management of another website), have to go to Dublin tomorrow for my better half’s birthday, and then there’s no point me returning to Longford until next week as I’ve got a stag party to go to in Waterford on Sunday.

Then the weekend after that I’ve got a friend’s 30th / solstice party which is running for 3 days (impressive), and shortly after that I’ve got another trip to Dublin to be an extra in Jamie Hannigan’s next movie, one for which I will begin composing music for in July.

As soon as I get back from that I’ve got a 3 day occupational first aid course, shortly followed by the Open Coffee Club Barbecue! Then it’s a short skip and a jump to the Rathlin music festival.

Actually, perhaps thinking about things like this wasn’t the best way to go about it – I’ll only stress myself out more. Back to work!