The 24 hour job that is web design

Ah the joys of running a business and being wholly responsible for the websites of all our clients. Tonight was update night, what better way to spend a Sunday evening than updating your client’s websites at a completely unsociable time when hopefully, for the minute or so that the site may be offline, no one will be browsing…

Of course, that will never happen, but upgrades are important, for security and to unlock new features that are getting rolled out.

Our mainstay is WordPress and I’m constantly delighted by the new improvements that Matt and his team roll out. I’m most looking forward to the day that one-click upgrade for an entire WordPress install becomes a possibility as this will streamline my work process immensely on days like this. There is a plugin, which I believe is pretty on the ball at this, but I’m tempted to wait for something more official to come out, and even then, I’ll be testing it out on test installs, followed by personal projects, followed by the Pixelapes website, before I go near any client websites.

Everything has to be checked, tested, and double checked when you’re looking after a client’s website.

I’m not sure why I’m saying any of this, I’m only further delaying my bed time.

By the way, I got a bit more work done on the redesign of this website, and hopefully I should be rolling it out in the next week or two. It’s looking pretty good and just needs some tweaking before it’s ready to be unveiled.