Hello World

I’ve been hella mega quiet here once again. Things have been fairly consistently busy the last while whilst I worked on finishing a short film called Two Point Five Billion.

The film played down at the cork film festival which I attended and allowed me to hang out with some of the crew in a more relaxed manner which entailed no stress about the film for once.

Here’s a trailer with which I will titillate you:

If you’d like to find out more you can check out the Two Point Five Billion mini-site, which I designed in a panic just before the film was due to be screened down in cork.

Other than I’ve basically been trying to keep my head above water by balancing too many client jobs and film work all at the same time, as well as finally completing a remix of a tune for an upcoming EP from Warren Daly who runs Invisible Agent Records. I’m hoping to post a little more often (as I always say) over the winter months. You know, sitting in front of a fire and chilling out.