Chinese Government Bans deviantART

I just read this snippet from a Deviant Art user – it appears that the Chinese government has deemed it necessary to block access to the Deviant Art website.

I am able to update this journal only because at the place I work I am able to remote access a computer that is physically located in US. However deviants in China were abhored to find that we could not access ‘’ since Sunday morning (2008-12-15 GMT+8). A simple command ‘tracert’ shows that the internet route is terminated at an IP which belongs to China Telecom. Obviously ‘’ is now in the black list of Chinese authority.

We do not know the reason why our government decided to ban dA. There is no official announcement or notice of any kind that we know of…

via News: Chinese Government Bans deviantART.

I’ve been using the Deviant Art website for years, and whilst I couldn’t be considered a contributer, I think it’s a great site with a lot of interesting work to browse through.

Certainly the announcement of the ban prompted a huge response, but I’m not sure how easy it is to get something like that reversed.