Microsoft Extends XP Availability For Distributors

Looks like the continued aversion to Windows Vista has forced Microsoft to continue supplying Windows XP licenses much longer than they had intended.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the existence of a flexible inventory program that will allow distributors to place their final orders for Windows XP OEM licenses by Jan. 31, 2009, and take delivery against those orders through May 30

via Microsoft Extends XP Availability For Distributors by CRN and VARBusiness.

With Windows XP now over 7 years old, it seems incredible that so many of the world’s computers are still reliant on what has to be considered old technology. The fact that MS are not only continuing to support it, but must feel a real fear of letting it go at the risk of pushing users towards other operating systems.

From the looks of things there’s a real possibility that “Windows 7”, the successor to Vista, will be coming out whilst consumers are still able to purchase machines pre-loaded with Windows XP. Surely this can only be considered a major failure on the software giant’s part?