And all the lights went out

Had a major power cut last night which lasted for about 3 hours or more. I always love the occassional power cut, it reminds you just how lucky we are to have electricity on tap like that.

After falling over one of our office chairs in the dark trying to find an ESB bill (so that I could call them to find out how long we’d be powerless for), I retired to the living room and sat by the fire playing games of chess with Warren. Really a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

It still amazed me how even after 3 hours of no power I would still walk into a room and instinctively try to turn the lights on.

Anyway, seeing as I completely avoided internetting over the Christmas break, here’s to a happy new year for everyone. Fingers crossed 2009 will be a good year, with more films, websites, and with any luck an old Ebauche release at some point.