Docky – GNOME Do Theme

Gnome Do, my favoured linux alternative to Launchy, has just updated to 0.8 and the new version includes a “Dock” style theme. I’ve tried a couple of dock type apps on Windows in the past and I never really liked them. I’m more of a keyboard person if I can be when it comes to launching apps.

Still, I’ll probably check this out, seeing as it’s essentially a theme for Gnome Do, and sounds like it might be done reasonably well. I’ll report back if it looks interesting.

Docky is a frontend for GNOME Do (Do) that introduces an entirely new way to interact with Do. Docky helps Do become more directly involved with your desktop by providing a persistent mouse based Dock interface while remaining true to Do’s keyboard only interaction. Being tied directly into Do allows Docky to be adaptive and dynamic. As your usage patterns change, so too does Docky. For everything Do can do, Docky can too.

via Docky – GNOME Do Wiki.

(Some might say – just get a mac, and to them I would say “shove it”)