New additions to the fold

Native Instruments Battery3I have started work in earnest on my next Ebauche release, something which has been far too long in coming. I’m hoping to raise the bar in this next release on my own capabilities with drum and rhythm creation. The plan is dense and complicated with a lot of focus on drums and some more drums.

In sketching out ideas for the first two tracks I instantly found myself becoming frustrated with Reason’s ReDrum interface and, in a moment of impulse last week, I decided to splash out €200 I don’t really have on Native Instrument’s Battery3.

It’s a pretty incredible drum sampler with the ability to create complex drum kits featuring multiple velocity layers, incredibly details editing, effects, modulation, looping etc on every single sample you load into it.

It just arrived today and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have really gotten my teeth into making some wonderful new noises!