The opinion is strongly against Biffo

Yep, it keeps on going! I don’t think I’ve ever written 3 posts in a row about the same topic before.

So there are some good letters to the editor in the Irish Times today regarding Picturegate/Cowengate.

Madam, – If I find there is an intruder sneaking around my home in the middle of the night, should I dial 999 and tell the operator that someone is attempting to nail a painting to my wall without permission? Because that seems to be a very effective way of getting the gardaí to respond quickly. I certainly won’t tell them that there’s a gang of bankers in the kitchen rummaging through my wallet. – Yours, etc,

Shane Ó Mearáin

Madam, – A case of the emperor’s new clothes? What is wrong with Brian Cowen? The country is in economic ruin which he, as former minister for finance, is partly accountable for. People are losing their jobs and families are in real distress. And he gets upset about a painting? This scandalous reaction involving action by the gardaí is simply unbelievable. There are suspected murderers walking the streets, yet they question an artist? – Yours, etc,

Dermot Sweeney

Those are just a couple of examples of what I’m hearing all over the place. Want to read a bit more about all of this? Sure, head on over to where he’s collected hundreds of links to people talking about this.

Heck, there’s even an blog just set up which is entirely dedicated to this one topic, with the aim of collecting responses and perhaps arranging a public exhibition to show the powers that be that you can’t just sit on the things you don’t like whilst everything else is in such a mess..

This evening, I suggested that perhaps one response to the affair may be for a public exhibition (or, after some thought, several simultaneous exhibitions, depending on numbers of submissions) of works, by the public, in a similar vein: How about a group exhibition, with works by anyone and everyone, at somewhere like thisisnotashop gallery / seomra spraoi / The Joinery / the Smithfield Gallery / Butcher Queers mag and anyone else (if they’ll have us)?

Check out Salon Des Libertes over on