My name up in lights

Ok, I don’t actually have my name in lights anywhere, but I’ve made it onto IMDB and feel like trumpeting this minor achievement to the general public.

In fact, I’m sort of there twice, at least in spirit. The first time up is my own page detailing some of the films on which I’ve worked. It’s quite incomplete really as some of the films I’ve worked on aren’t up there and I’m not sure I can really go adding films, but it’s a start anyway.

So what did I mean when I said I’m actually sort of up there twice. Well there is Cpl. Alex Leonard, a character in “Ultimate Force” a TV show made in England with Ross Kemp. Amusingly I was at a fund-raising auction and the incredibly sound Rob Heyland had put up for grabs the honour of being named in the next TV show he was going to write for.

In the end he named pretty much all the characters in that show after people I know, all of whom ‘bear no resemblence to persons living or dead’ yadda yadda. I’ve never seen it so I don’t know but I believe my namesake in that show is a half-caste bisexual killing-machine (or something), which I’m pretty sure doesn’t bear any resemblance to me 🙂