Not my favourite thing in the world

I’m working through the weekend on the Reel Festivals website, which is obviously a great laugh and just what you want to do on a bank holiday weekend.

However my gripe isn’t really with working at the weekend (the price I have to pay for taking a holiday in just under 2 weeks), it’s the awful feeling of having a site which is still being developed actually being live.

So there’s loads of things that I’m not happy with and are clearly half way through being updated, and there’s loads of little glitches, but still it’s live. Bleh.

Also makes it harder to work on things – I have to make sure I’m not going to completely break things by accident.

Still, the festival is shaping up to be really good. This year its focus is on Iraq, and they’ve got a tonne of events on including films, music, art exhibitions, lectures, writing events, a symposium, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Check out the Reel Iraq events page for more information.

The festival is on from the 16th to the 22nd of May in Edinburgh, Scotland.