Opera unites its own

So Opera had their big announcement today where they promised to reinvent the web. I was somewhat intrigued as to what it would be, and it’s called “Opera Unite“.

First, completely unresearched impression

This doesn’t feel like a reinventing of the web. It appears to be a good idea, with some potential, but the fact that it’s limited to Opera browser users sort of instantly puts it down a peg in my mind.

Here’s the first sentence from “Getting started with Opera Unite”:

To get started with Opera Unite, you only need to install an Opera build with Opera Unite

That just sounds to me like a desperate attempt to increase browser share. Maybe it’s a system that will be implementable in different browsers, but if you really want to reinvent the web I feel that you need to release something open source which can become an open protocol for all and sundry.

Please note that I haven’t even installed this, researched it, this is just an instant, unconsidered first impression!


There’s an excellent post which encapsulates my thoughts/suspicions about this over at FactoryJoe.com