Mozilla Labs announce Ubiquity 0.5

Well done to Aza Raskin and co for getting the latest version of Ubiquity out the door. You need to manually update and note that some of your old commands might break. Also, you’ll need to be on Firefox 3.5 for this to work.

Today Mozilla Labs is happy to announce the release a major upgrade to Ubiquity. This release, Ubiquity 0.5, focuses on making the instructions you give to Ubiquity feel more natural and human, as well as bringing Ubiquity’s power to many more languages.

This release brings:

  • The first internationalized Ubiquity, where even non-coders can help bring Ubiquity to their language
  • A more natural, human, and robust way to give Ubiquity instructions.
  • A new, game-inspired interactive tutorial.
  • Experimental smart suggestions: type “pasta” and Ubiquity recommends Yelp. (This feature needs to be enabled on the Ubiquity settings settings page).

via Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Announcing Ubiquity 0.5.