Overly Chromified

On Tuesday evening Google decided to announce that it was working on a new operating system called Chrome OS. Since then it’s pretty much the only thing my feeds have been talking about (despite the fact that no one really knows anything about it – it’s all just hearsay).

I’m incredibly bored by all this talk, and by the announcement in general. It doesn’t really feel like that big a deal to me, and I’m not sure why. When Google announced Wave, that was something that really stuck in my head. In my every day work and use of the web I’m constantly seeing situations crop up where a light goes off in my head imagining just how much easier that situation would be when Wave becomes a reality.

I definitely think Wave has the potential to have a much deeper and long lasting impact. Linux based OS’s are a dime a dozen, in fact, they’re not even that, they’re 0 cent a dozen, but Wave is a new protocol which, if widely adopted, could really change the way we approach online communication.

Anyway, just some thoughts that were going round my head. As a random need for an antidote, I figure I should share something else entirely. If you have, or have had, a cat in your life, sit back and enjoy Simon’s Cat: