Pat Phelan sparks off some iPhone ire

There’s some amusing back and forth going on over at regarding a post about battery life on the iPhone and how little use it is to him if it’s going to die after 4 hours.

…4hrs later it was dead as a dodo.

No phone, no email, no effing way of getting the SIM out, no access to a charger and lots of missed calls.

I rushed back to the office dreaming of electricity for my paperweight, gave it a quick charge and my life was good again.

It was gone again 4hrs later, this resulted in a hilarious quest for a paper clip in the Mespil Hotel, (they dont do paper clips) got a result though, bought a packet of safety pins in a chemist and suddenly I was good to go in my E72.

I delved into the comments thread leaving my thoughts, but nothing beats Bernard Tyer’s comments which you should check out.

I have always found it remarkable the lengths to which iFans will go to excuse design flaws on Apple’s behalf.