WordPress 2.9 just around the corner

by Wolanka

Image by Wolanka

All you WordPress fans will be glad to hear that the frequently updated and marvellous WordPress is soon to release a new update, WordPress 2.9.

I’ve had a look at the beta on a test install and there’s a few really nice features.

  1. Image Editing
    Yep, they’ve introduced an image editor – something that will, no doubt, prove extremely handy for both myself and clients that have sites run off WordPress. It’s a fairly basic editor – crop, resize, rotate, but that’s all I’d really want it for. Simple and fast!
  2. Post Thumbnails
    There’s been innumerable ways to alter WordPress to include a thumbnail image in your post-excerpt, they’ve now decided to build this functionality into the core. I think this is great as it will make life a little easier.
  3. Easy Embedding
    WordPress 2.9 is now going to support a facility called oEmbed, which is sort of like an open embedding framework supported by a number of large content distributors around the net. There’s a detailed post about it over on Viper Bond’s 1 website: Easy Embeds for WordPress 2.9
  4. Trash
    Not sure about deleting stuff, but annoyed that it’s taking up your screen space? Now WordPress has a “trash” function!

They’re the major new features as far as I can make out – there’s a whole rake of other improvements which will be fully detailed on the WordPress Codex page for the 2.9 release.

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