Invisible Agent – New DJ Mix / AgentCast

Warren Daly has just done up a lovely new ambient mix set for free download over on Invisible Agent – grab the download now!

I forecast this will get some repeated playing on my part (being a bit of an ambient junky) – great work Warren!

The latest AgentCast from Warren Daly is a smooth blend of minimal electronic textures and floating ambient soundscapes.

It includes delicate trickles and singing reverberations from Arovane, Japanese composer Hirohito Ihara (a.k.a Radicalfashion), Pete Namlock and Robert Rich to name just a few.

Warren generally concentrates on mixing Electro and Techno but in this instance he covers many distinctive and elegant styles of Electronica and awakens a multitude of emotions, highlighting his diverse and innovative abilities.

via Warren Daly – DJ Mix / AgentCast – Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica – Invisible Agent.