S&D I challenge you to defy Lucien

Image by robo7 on Flickr

Image by robo7 on Flickr

A bleary set of eyes I find upon me this morning, but my brain is alive and kicking, and in fact, has been alive and kicking all night long. My increased levels of brain agitation are probably part of the reason for the bleariness of my eyes.

Anyway, part of this brain agitation lead to me dreaming about two good friends of mine and their newly published book, a beautiful embossed hardcover in a powder red colour. The only problem is that it doesn’t exist, that is, outside the realm of my dreams – unless there’s something¬† S and D haven’t been telling us.

Unless they have kept it under wraps, it belongs purely in Lucien’s library1, and I truly hope that Unkie Dave and his Very Understanding Girlfriend steal it out of there and get writing.

I know I’d love to read it.

(Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was about nor what the title of the book was, which is probably not a huge amount of help)

  1. For those not familiar with Lucien and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman range, there’s some more information here.