Filter Google Results by Date

Recently enough Google has changed their default search behaviour to include a “Show Options” button which brings up a sidebar to narrow your search results by a variety of parameters such as type, time, previously visited pages and so on.

However they haven’t extended this functionality to their Google Custom Search results.

I created  my own Custom Search for searching WordPress plugins to make up for what used to be a very poor search functionality on’s plugin directory. This search function has massively improved but I still find myself using the Custom Search I created.

In order to add an option to view by date modified I found this handy tip on Lifehacker which I thought I’d share here:

Google can reorder search and news results from the last day, week, a few months, or entire year by adding a small string to the end of the search URL. Just add this string—&as_qdr=d—to the address bar and hit enter.

via Filter Google Results by Date with a URL Trick.