Skype F me in the A once again

When I saw that Skype had business accounts available it made sense to me to sign up for one so that myself and my business partner could manage our Skype credit through a single business interface. Logical right?

Ever since that day I’ve found nothing but mass confusion on trying to manage our accounts through the system. We originally had two personal accounts, which we added to the business account. We had online numbers, but thanks to the confusion of the system if they were registered through the personal account then you can’t manage them through the business control panel. My Skype Pro subscription was through the business panel and therefore the SkypeIn number was not discounted. I had to transfer stuff all over the place, cancel things, etc etc. There was much discussion with Skype at the time, none of it made sense, I think eventually we were given credit for our trouble.

I will say that when I ranted a bit, Skype support were very helpful.

Now I’ve a new problem.

Just now I went to set up a new online number in an attempt to sort out managing my voicemail through Google Voice, for which I’ll require a US based number. I went to the business control panel, signed up for the new number and paid my $25 for the year.

I went to assign the number to my Skype account and I get told

Sorry, but you cannot allocate an online number to a personal account. You can only allocate online numbers purchased to business accounts created in your Business Control Panel.

Um, what!? But how did my first SkypeIn number get assigned to me?? None of this makes any sense. Skype have changed something somewhere and now I’m left with having to either:

  1. Create a new Skype account through the business control panel – I don’t even want to imagine the hassle this could cause seeing as I have an important Irish SkypeIn number which I absolutely can’t afford to lose.
  2. Sign into my “personal” account and just forget about the $25 I just threw in the bin and sign up for another SkypeIn number from there.

Option one makes my brain hurt with the how I would need to manage it. Option two means that I need to start adding credit to my personal account, get massively confused with SkypePro discount confusion, actually this option makes my brain hurt as well.

Why the hell do companies make buying things from them such an incredible pain in the ass.