WordPress 3 Upcoming

It’s all getting very exciting in the world of WordPress. Version 3 isn’t a million miles away and includes some fantastic changes!

  1. Menu Management built into core
    WooThemes introduced a menu manager and the WP team liked it so much that they asked if WooThemes wanted to contribute it to the core. It looks solid, straightforward, and very nice altogether.
  2. Mµ Merge
    WordPress is merging the WordPress Mµ codebase. There’ll now just be one version which will do all that you need. This is great news.
  3. BuddyPress for all (not specifically version 3 related)
    BuddyPress is now available as a plugin and works on standard WP installations! Not only that, there’s a new “Template Pack” plugin that ensures you can keep your own theme but get all that BuddyPress goodness.

The future is looking bright for the WP platform!

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