A fun night in Phnom Penh

Merry Swing Dancers!

Last night, being a a Thursday night, means it’s swing dance night for me. This involves wrapping up work a little earlier than usual and heading to the Amrita Centre for Performing Arts where we have an hour and a half class courtesy of the excellent Phnom Penh Pswings.

After this we head to Equinox and get some food and do some less, un, structured dancing.

Last night was a little different though as we had live Gipsy Jazz, two French guys playing guitar and electric violin run through a small amp. They played some well know Django Reinhardt (sp!) and Stefan Grappelli, along with other great tunes.

Lots and lots of dancing ensued and much much fun was had.

Great night! Hopefully I’ll get some photos uploaded soon.


I sorted out uploading a short video clip. Quality is fairly poor as I’m just using my old point and shoot digital, but it gives you an idea of what was going on. The band were great!

Update 2

I’ve also uploaded some photos from the night! You can check them out over here: