Visitors always welcome

This morning, in a very bleary state I said goodbye to my friend Ed, who had been visiting for the past week whilst on an extended holiday around South East Asia and beyond. It was great to have him here, even though I was extremely busy with work on websites and a new short film.

Whilst here he got to do all the tourist things, such as Toul Sleng, the Killing Fields, the Royal Palace and the National Museum (two of which I’m yet to do) and this morning headed off to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Watt (another item on my to-do list).

We also got to hang out doing fun things like butchering a million songs at karaoke on Saturday night (Bonnie Tyler would have been horrified).

If you’re looking for an entertaining time and happen to be in South East Asia, call into Phnom Penh 🙂