Steinberg announce Cubase 5.5

Cubase 5.5 Features

At the recent Musikmesse conference Steinberg announced Cubase 5.5, a free update for registered Cubase 5 users (which makes me happy). In hearing the announcement I realised I missed out on a the 5.1.1 update which came out in December.

The main items that jump out at me are:

  • Optimised performance (better multi-core resource handling)
  • REVerence and LoopMash are more efficient
  • New video engine (hopefully will make working on film scores better).
  • Improved scrubbing
  • Better channel batch export options

There’s more in there including a new automation panel (something I don’t think I ever use, but maybe will look at it in the new version), an improved Media Bay, and various GUI enhancements.

Full press release below from Steinberg’s announcement page.

Cubase 5.5 – More Features, More Enhancements

Cubase 5.5 and Cubase Studio 5.5 are the latest updates to Steinberg’s music production systems, featuring performance, automation and video enhancements, as well as refined beat tools and workflow improvements. Both updates will be freely available to download for registered users of Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5.

Optimized performance

The Cubase audio engine has been tweaked for an even better low-latency performance on systems with four or more CPU cores. Updated versions of LoopMash* and REVerence* reduce CPU demand for these plug-ins. The native x64 version of Cubase 5.5 now features an improved VST Bridge that boasts higher performance and dramatically enhanced compatibility with the majority of bridged 32-bit VST2.4 plug-ins.

More mixing and video

The automation panel has been given a smart facelift, and now sports additional automation functionality such as the new Fill modes. For even more convenient access to all required track, mixing and plug-in parameters, the Quick Control system has been expanded to Group, FX, Input and Output channels, while the setup of VST Connections has been simplified. A new Open GL accelerated video engine with full HD support*, scalable performance and the ability to play out videos via FireWire on Windows round out this much anticipated update.

Bigger beats

The Cubase Sample Editor has witnessed significant refinements when it comes to reworking with beat-laden loops, including a new sensitive hitpoint-detection algorithm and the introduction of a local timeline for the AudioWarp definition mode. Groove Agent ONE boasts extended Export/Import functionality, visual adjusting of sample start- and end point and 19 brand-new and exclusive drum kits made up of over 800 finest vintage drum machine samples. LoopMash* has been updated with track-dedicated level meters and volume controls plus a new global similarity threshold slider for controlling the overall density of a loop construct.

Workflow consolidation

The MediaBay interface has been redesigned to provide improved usability besides simply looking pretty neat. It now also comes with an integrated virtual keyboard and memo recorder to quickly record preview phrases. The Channel Batch Export provides user-definable file naming options and includes a non-modal audio export window which remains open for adjusting settings whenever required. Both the Infoline and the toolbars have been cleaned up and consolidated for improved legibility and faster access. The scrubbing function features a much smoother and acoustically accurate feedback for precision editing.