I forgot I was (CSS) Naked

I completely forgot that today is CSS Naked Day. I got an IM from Donn to inform that my style sheet wasn’t loading and, to my partial credit, I instantly searched Google for CSS Naked Day to check what day it’s on. I had this recollection that I installed a plugin to make CSS Naked Day happen automatically every year.

Looks like it’s working!

So, once again this year I’m baring all and you can see my pure semantic HTML markup. Hopefully you can still find everything easily accessible on my site (whilst maybe not being quite as refined as the main design). This lasts for the full international day as such, so will stop when it becomes the 10th of April on the high seas between 180° and 172°30′W longitude.

If you’ve gone naked let us know in the comments and happy CSS Naked Day 2010!