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When we built a new server for PixelApes hosting clients we had to pick a name for it. I’ve always enjoyed naming my computers (all my current machines, whether they be phone or laptop/desktop) are named after Frank Zappa’s children.

With our hosting server it seemed to make sense to stick with the simian theme that our company name heralds. A lot of thought went into it. First we had to decide on a hosting package name, and due to the majesty of the hosting server we had built, we decided to call it Silverback Hosting – the silverback gorilla being the mightiest of the apes.

From there we thought a lot about the name for the server, in such a way that would relate to our hosting package name. We settled on Jambo, the name which had been giving to a very famous silverback.

As you can imagine, the video below, as a result of all the above, I enjoyed an awful lot more than I really should have!