Workload Insanity Past

Work was insane for me between the end of WordCamp Malaysia and the end of last week. I didn’t take a day off in that time. I feel a lot better now for a weekend off and normal working hours during this week.

Check out the computer usage below, taken from my Wakoopa account which tracks individual application usage.

Too many hours

It’s quite the bulge 😉


  • Blue: Internet
  • Green: Audio/Video
  • Red: Development
  • Orange: Utilities
  • Purple: Office
  • Grey/Olive: Design

And before anyone says that clearly I just spend all my time browsing the internet, well, in some ways that’s true – but it’s me either making CMS modifications on a customer website, browsing forums for solutions to Magento (that was a lot of time spent in the last month, I’ll have a wee rant about Magento in a future post), and of course some general net browsing and maybe the occasional writing of a post on this site!

The only thing it doesn’t include is time spent writing emails to clients on my phone, which should be a relatively small percentage – still it’s definitely visually describes the reasons for my current exhausted state!

No more 70 hour weeks for a while thanks.