Ye ex-vegetarians, abandon your pescetarianism

Fishing Trawler

I know quite a few vegetarians who have, for various reasons, changed to pescetarianism or pesco-vegetarianism, which is essentially a vegetarian that also eats fish, but avoids other forms of meat.

I have always felt that if it was necessary for me to abandon vegetarianism (for health reasons or similar) the last thing I would do is revert to eating fish.

More than 20 million people employed in the fishing industry may need to be taken out of service and retrained for other work over the next 40 years if the final collapse of fish stocks in oceans around the globe is to be avoided, the UN warned today.

Source: Guardian Newspaper

In my mind, when it comes to the question of sustainability, the concept of pescatarianism is seriously flawed – entirely due to the unsustainable nature of the fishing industry (in it’s current form).

Whilst I’m not suggesting that there aren’t issues in other food related industries don’t face their own issues with regard to environmental impact, those other industries are likely not endangering such a vital part of the earth’s eco-system to such an extent.

The Guardian article linked to above is well worth the read, and it refers to a UN report which is also worth reading.

Photo by adstream on flickr