Quietly all over the place

I haven’t posted here in a while, been somewhat distracted or busy or something.

I’ve got a bunch of posts in draft so hopefully I’ll tackle those and get updates on everything going on at the moment here in Cambodia.

Herein follows a couple of minor notes.

Website borkage

I broke my website on Saturday, which is an awesome testimony to my web developer skills. It was so borked that I had to get a database backup and restore to that. It had been a while since I’d posted though, so no loss incurred!

Vox Closes – I get my content back

Vox, my first blog platform, have announced that they’re closing their system. This gave a good opportunity to test out new export/import tools. I imported everything to a temporary WordPress.com blog, exported from that, and then finally imported to here. So I now have everything in one place going all the way back to November 2006.

If you want to get content out of Vox you better hurry as they’re shutting it down completely at the end of September. Details on importing to WordPress here. Only issue I’ve found thus far is some issues with images being too large or YouTube embeds just linking back to Vox. I’m going to have to go through every post and double check it, which could be a slow process.

It would have been very nice of Vox to offer something like a 301 redirect option so that you could at least tell search engines where the content has gone, but I can’t see that happening.

They did however also offer an easy export to Flickr option, which I’ve used in case I don’t get round to tidying my media imports on this site prior to the closure of Vox.

New Invisible Agent Podcast

Warren Daly has done another excellent podcast over at Invisible Agent. It’s a pounding drum ‘n bass mix with tracks ranging over the past ten to fifteen years. It’s a free download so get it now! Hopefully I’ll sort out a new Ebauche podcast fairly soon.