Drinking Games in Siem Reap

Continuing my slow drip-feed effort of post-processing the photos and videos I’ve taken with my new DSLR camera, I’m happy to present a short little video clip showing our large group of Siem Reap half-marathon runners enjoying a little post-dash downtime with that old favourite, the drinking game.

Following dinner in a Khmer BBQ joint which was situated in the locality of our hotel, a game called ‘Flip Cup’ commenced. Each side of the table was a relay-team, with the aim being to stand up, drink a cup of beer (or in my case sprite, what with me being a non-drinker, somewhat of an advantage…), then place the cup on the edge of the table and attempt to flip it so that it landed on the opposite side. The baton was therein passed to the next in line.

If it doesn’t make sense, you’ll get it when you see the below.

I’m not sure what some of the locals thought of it at all, but some came over occasionally to clink glasses and drown a drink in solidarity with our silliness.