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Ireland beating Pakistan

Back in 2007, the Irish cricket team took everyone by surprise and beat Pakistan, one of the giants of the cricket world. It was a magical moment, one of those David and Goliath moments. Well Ireland are about to head off to the World Cup again, this time in India. In fact I think they’re already there training and acclimatising.

My younger brother is working with Cricket Ireland at the moment and is, with a budget of approximately zero, trying to get a promotional/viral video campaign going. He needs your help. If you know someone well known in Ireland, especially in the sporting world, can you pass on an introduction, or give my brother a shout at the details at the end of this post. It would be much appreciated.

“I’m supporting Ireland at the cricket World Cup – what about you?”

Four years ago on St. Patrick’s Day the Irish cricket team captured the imagination of the global sporting world with their famous victory over Pakistan at the 2007 World Cup. The feats of the squad put Ireland in the world spotlight and the nation got behind the team in an unprecedented manner. For the first time ever the nation was gripped with the exploits of their cricket team!

In 2011 Ireland will be looking to recreate those magical moments when they take on the top nations again in the World Cup in India. This time around we will not be a surprise package. Since 2007 we have consistently competed with and beaten some of the top countries in the world of cricket and have maintained our position of 10th in the World Rankings.

In advance of the World Cup we are looking to galvanise the support of the nation behind the team again. We are asking people to put together messages of support to the team and demonstrate their backing for the lads as they take on the best in the world.

To help publicise this campaign we are putting together a montage of celebrity figures from across the spectrum of Irish life to show their support to the team. We hope to get famous Irish sportsmen, actors, musicians, businessmen, entertainers, broadcasters and national figures to volunteer to record a brief 15-30 second message to camera showing how they are going to support the team.

Each video will have an unscripted message from the individual shot to camera and ending with the line ā€œIā€™m supporting Ireland at the cricket World Cup ā€“ what about you?ā€

We would like to include you in the list of celebrities. to make the process as easy as possible we will shoot the message on a simple hand held camera at a time and place that is convenient for you. The whole process should not take any longer than 5-10 minutes. The montage of messages will be put onto the Cricket Ireland website and on our Cricket Ireland youtube TV channel.

Your support to this initiative would be greatly appreciated. If you would be happy to support this campaign email me your contact details and let us know any time that you would be free.

Many thanks for your time.

Andrew Leonard, Cricket Ireland.
Phone: 086-2017109
Email: [email protected]