Los Poporks are back in town – one night only!

Gig: Los Poporks
Venue: Equinox Bar, Street 278
Time: 9pm
Priority: High!

The ever excellent Los Poporks are bringing their charismatic asses back onto the stage in Phnom Penh’s expanded live venue Equinox Bar.

Jamie, the old lead guitarist is back in Cambodia for a three-week visit and Los Poporks have banded together to play us some tunes – so it’s definitely worth catching, and Marco has just completed expanding the venue space at Equinox so there’s now two bars, bigger stage, bigger dance area, and properly located mixing desk (not sure there’s many places in PP that can boast that). So you can drink more, dance more erratically, and it’s going to sound better 🙂

Gig starts at 9pm and is followed by DJ Hector showing off some Spanish groove. More details available on the Facebook event page.

Who or what are Los Poporks

Check out some videos below: