What’s been going down?

Holy moly. It’s been two and a half months since I last posted here..! Let’s just say life has been a bit hectic and I just haven’t been thinking about keeping things updated on the old blog. Definitely a shame as I had found a good rhythm at the start of the year with posting updates.

Anyway, what’s been happening?

  • Returned to Ireland for 6 weeks to visit family and friends.
  • Whilst back, I popped over to France for 4 days to catch some friends who have left Phnom Penh now. Fantastic hospitality from Ben and Sophie (and a good birthday celebration for little Barnaby).
  • Visited an old friend in Galway for a few chilled out days.
  • Went to the ever-awesome Jigs and Rigs festival on Rathlin Island for 7 days, caught up with the Force 10 massive.
  • Got to see my hugely grown up nephew and niece a load, and hang out with my folks and brothers and sister-in-law.
  • Caught up with some old school friends.
  • Met someone very special.
  • Failed to get as much work done as planned.
  • Saw my cats and got to hang out with Donn and Aoibheann in their lovely new place.
  • Generally ran around like a lunatic and by the time I got on my plane back to Phnom Penh I was in dire need of a holiday (which I can’t take due to being behind on a load of work!).


Yep, it was a fantastic visit back to the home country, really great to see everyone. Thanks so much for all the hospitality, dinners, fun times and hard graft (at Rathlin).

The above, in pictures