All so you can poke someone

I recently read this entry regarding time, leap seconds and how it messes with technology on the Google Blog.

It’s quite a technical post but I think you should read it all. It doesn’t really matter that it’s written by Google, it was just a handy example – it could easily be from anyone that runs a web server, website, makes an app for your phone et cetera.

It reminds me that most people just haven’t got a clue what it takes to keep everything running smoothly. And it’s only the hard slog from people who’ll never be lauded publicly that keeps the wheels turning – just so that you can poke someone on Facebook, or find out what Justin Bieber is doing, or, remarkably, search for on Google because you don’t know what the difference between a search box and an address bar is in your browser.

So next time you do a search on Google, pause for a moment and look at that text that says “About 20,800,000 resultsĀ (0.18 seconds)” and, be amazed.

Then you can get back to poking someone digitally.

This post is dedicated to Warren Daly who keeps my back end safe at night.