Chilled (but slightly sweaty)

My word, what a remarkable experience. This weekend I actually just listened to my exhausted body and took it 100% easy for the whole weekend. Fantastic.

The past few weeks have been quite hectic, and to top that off I moved house in the middle of this week past to a beautiful new pad. The move was relatively painless but still seemed to drain me (potentially the act of carrying all my stuff down 3 flights of stairs, and then up 3 flights of stairs, all in 30°+ heat, makes some level of ‘draining’ inevitable).

Couple that with going out on Friday night to support Invisible Agent head-honcho, Warren Daly, DJ’ing at Equinox (the resulting hitting of the sack was well after 4am) and I think I had an influential voice inside me insisting on the doing of very little).

This afternoon has been quite blissful, including a 2 hour accidental nap on the couch, and bouts of eating punctuated with watching of various TV shows which I know and love.

Full week of work ahead of me next week, but will be working from my new office space at