En route to sweets

Photo Description

A mother and two children walking down the damp Ballycastle main street on their way to the sweet shop near my apartment. I snapped this shot from the hip, trying to get a lower perspective and also, I still haven’t gotten over my fear of asking people if I can take their photos so feel a bit strange obviously taking a photo of someone I don’t know in this small town.

Getting out taking photos every day is a bit of a lottery – sometimes you have to rush out between the rain squalls and often get caught in surprise showers. However the light and skyline is constantly changing, giving you plenty of different ways to look at things.

Photo Data

Date Taken 06 Jan 2012, 14:29:38
Camera Canon EOS 550D
Focal Length 50mm
Aperture f/1.4
ISO 100
Shutter Speed 1/1000 second