Silhoutte with lights

Photo Description

As dusk sets in, Ballycastle’s lights start to flicker into life.

This tree is still sporting the decorations from Christmas, unless it’s become a year round feature.

These trees, and their lights, line the seafront in Ballycastle. I’m looking forward to spring, when they start to show some greenery and make the seafront a little more friendly against the wind coming in off the North Atlantic Ocean.

I do wish I’d taken this photo with my tripod to allow a slightly better ISO and a narrower aperture, but I didn’t think of it at the time (possibly it was a little too cold to be lingering). I do have a handy little Gorrila Pod tripod that I carry with me at all times and I must get into the habit of using it more often.

Photo Data

Date Taken 13 Jan 2012, 16:35:01
Camera Canon EOS 550D
Focal Length 17mm
Aperture f/8
ISO 400
Shutter Speed 1/320 second