Clock tower

Clock tower - Ballycastle - Photo by Alex Leonard

Photo Description

I’ve taken some photos of this clock tower in Ballycastle before, but this time was slightly different – the church gates were open!

So for the first time I could wander the grounds and get a little closer. It was a beautiful sunny day with few clouds in the sky. The warming afternoon sunlight bathed the clock tower and with such strong light I could afford a reasonably narrow aperture so that the depth of field covers the foreground subject entirely. I shot this photo at f/7.1 using my 50mm lens.

I hope I’ve got the framing right. Any thoughts or feedback I’d love to hear it in the comments.

Photo Data

Date Taken 23 Jan 2012, 14:44:34
Camera Canon EOS 550D
Focal Length 50mm
Aperture f/7.1
ISO 200
Shutter Speed 1/1250 second