Covered alleyway

Covered alleyway - Ballycastle - Photo by Alex Leonard

Photo Description

Photo of a covered alleyway leading away from Ballycastle’s main street. It was nearly dark when I finally gave up on the hope that there might be a break in the wet weather, and so I ventured forth with few opportunities to take photos in dry locations.

Even in this alleyway I struggled again the fine drizzle getting blow around and getting onto the lens.

This photo is a 3 exposure HDR shot taken between 10 and 30 second exposures with the aperture as narrow as it would go.

I’ve tried to retain a reasonably natural look to the photo. I’d be interested to hear your feedback in the comments.

Photo Data

Date Taken Creation date not available
Camera Canon EOS 550D
Focal Length 17mm
Aperture f/22
ISO 100
Shutter Speed Shutter speed not available