There is no tomorrow

I watched this video yesterday and I recommend you watch it too. It is an incredibly comprehensive look at the current state of affairs of the global energy crisis. It’s easy to understand, well laid out, and well animated.

It’s not a particularly happy video, but then, the current approach to handling the global economy, global energy usage, environmental matters, and oil dependency is not exactly the stuff of joy and laughter. Make sure you have some time set aside to watch it as it is 34 minutes long – but then it covers the entire history of energy creation, discovery, production, and looks at the future and what the energy crisis could mean to life on earth. Not exactly something you can speak about in a couple of minutes.

Incubate Pictures created the animation, and if you want to argue about the information presented in the video, first make sure to read his own proviso.

Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the data. in ‘There’s No Tomorrow’. The latest available figures were used at the time of production, which is why some years portray data for 2007, others 2008, etc.. Whenever presented by two contradictory sets of data, the more conservative one was used.

There’s No Tomorrow’ presents one widely held viewpoint – an admittedly gloomy one – though not the worst. The core message of the film should be remembered: infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible.

What do you think? Did it get you thinking about the global situation? Did it make you consider your own consumption and environmental approach? Is it a cause to which you would subscribe to? Let me know in the comments below.