Propellerhead’s Reason – Rack Extensions

Well well well.. this is very interesting. Propellerhead, the makers of the incredible music production DAW Reason, have just announced Rack Extensions.

One of the most common complaints I’ve heard from people is that Reason lacks VST integration. This seems to partially quash that complaint by allowing external plugin integration, but, naturally, in a uniquely Propellerhead style.

Essentially Rack Extensions allows developers to port their plug-ins into the Reason Rack. The important thing is that the plug-ins function in the same manner as all Reason rack devices. You can undo changes, load patches, wire things to your liking in exactly the same manner as any normal Reason rack device. The other important factor is that if the plugin crashes out, it doesn’t affect the overall Reason programme – essentially we get the same solid never crashing performance from Reason that we’re used to (this was one of the main concerns about utilisation of VSTs within Reason.

It’s a big step forward for Reason, and it will be very interesting to see how much more power it gives to compose music with this excellent tool.

Video Presentation

Below is the entire presentation which Propellerhead made at Musikmesse, where they also announce “Figure”, a new iOS app for mobile Reason production. The Rack Extensions announcement starts from 14:00 onwards.