WizMouse – A utility you didn’t know you needed

Macro photo of a mouse scroll wheelI’ve been using a tiny software utility for Windows called WizMouse. It’s incredibly simple, has a tiny memory footprint (1.4MB on my system right now), and allows you to scroll windows currently under your mouse pointer.

This doesn’t sound like much, but, especially for multi-screen users, it’s a boon.

Here’s a very simple example.

  • You’re writing a word document whilst referencing a PDF in another window.
  • You leave the word document active so you can continue to type, but you move your mouse to hover over the PDF. You don’t click on the PDF as if you did your keyboard typing would be sent to the PDF application not the word document.
  • You can type away, then scroll the PDF, type some more, scroll the PDF more, etc. But you don’t have to keep switching the active window.

Perhaps it’s a little hard to describe until you use it. It works, it’s very useful. Need I say more!

Download it from Antibody Software now. It’s donation-ware, so it’s free unless you decide it’s so useful that you want to throw a few quid to the developer.

Application description from Antibody software

WizMouse is a mouse enhancement utility that makes your mouse wheel work on the window currently under the mouse pointer, instead of the currently focused window. This means you no longer have to click on a window before being able to scroll it with the mouse wheel. This is a far more comfortable and practical way to make use of the mouse wheel.

WizMouse can also optionally enable the mouse wheel in applications that don’t support it. It does this by translating mouse wheel commands into scroll bar commands that all applications can understand and process.

Photo Credit: Nick Humphries on Flickr